Stone Geng

Sommelier, L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Shanghai

Wine purchasing and wine list making. Creating and managing a wine list, managing and training the staff in the service of wine and bartending. Ensure that the highest standards of service are maintained. Specifically be responsible for assisting guests in their wine choices. Develop new ideas with the goal of increasing the levels of revenue and profitability and increasing the quality of service in restaurant.

To provide a service to clients of the highest standard as are set by the Companies minimum standards and to ensure that the brigade do likewise.

To assist and train staff both as part of the departmental induction process and as an on-going programme to achieve and exceed minimum service standards.


Meet our judges

The China Wine Competition boasts of having the most highly qualified and trained panel of wine buyers and wine experts who are based in mainland China.

As the mission and philosophy of the China Wine Competition is to award wines by quality, value and package for the China market, all our judges are from mainland China who understands the Chinese palate.

The goal, quite simply, is to gain cross-industry recognition for wines that Chinese consumers actually want to drink.


Meet our 2021 Judges