Bruce Li

Hotel Sommelier at the China World Summit Wing, Beijing

Bruce 李涛, Hotel Sommelier of China World Summit Wing, is the honored custodian of a cellar which holds over 650 labels in CWSW. Stocking over 9600 bottles, the Summit Wing cellars house is one of the most diverse ranges of wines in Beijing. Armed with WSET - 3, Certified Sommelier of CMS, as well as 9 years of experiences, he serves wonderful wine and food pairings for our guests with his knowledge and love for food and wine. Now he has developed a fabulous team of young Sommeliers who are outstanding talented. And those young talents will be highly trained by Bruce as our future Sommeliers. Bruce conducts a great wine program, from wine dinners in our Chairman Rooms or our Grill PDR, to regularly changing wine-by-glass and wine package menus. Bruce and his team are fast making the China World Summit Wing the wonderland of anything related to wine.  Come to the “Peak of Beijing” to meet the team and enjoy an afternoon or night of fun and flavor.

Key Deadlines

Sept 5 / 2019
Warehouse Closes

Nov 25 / 2019
Winners Announced



Meet our judges

The China Wine Competition boasts of having the most highly qualified and trained panel of wine buyers and wine experts who are based in mainland China.

As the mission and philosophy of the China Wine Competition is to award wines by quality, value and package for the China market, all our judges are from mainland China who understands the Chinese palate.

The goal, quite simply, is to gain cross-industry recognition for wines that Chinese consumers actually want to drink.


Meet our Judges

Johnson Jia

Beverage Manager, Modern Japanese Independent Restaurant (UMI), Shanghai

Ricco Luo

Wine Director, Kanpai Group China Regional 1, Shanghai

Ksenia Novikova

Director of Food & Beverage, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., Shanghai