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CWC Shanghai Sets an Example for all Wine Competitions


China Wine Competition Shanghai announced their partnership with Shanghai K Charitable Foundation

Day 1 of the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (IBWSS, Shanghai) was a humble beginning towards a brighter future. At the end of the event, while in talks with Paul Tchen, China Wine Competition decided to donate all their remaining wine bottles to the Shanghai K Charitable Foundation. Paul is the Honorary Chair of Shanghai K Charitable Foundation

Shanghai K Charitable Foundation is a non-public organization which aims to alleviate poverty with various charitable programmes. IBWSS Shanghai will support the Sir Horace Kadoorie Hospitality Mentoring Programme offered by Shanghai K. This programme caters to skill development and hospitality vocational training for disadvantaged young people of China.

IBWSS is one of its kind bulk wine & spirits trade and tasting exhibition in Shanghai concentrated only on OEM and bulk wines. Amongst a large number of visitors, the exhibition convened 600 serious buyers together under a single roof with 35 bulk wine producers. The Day 1 event came to a beautiful closure with China Wine Competition partnering with Shanghai K Charitable Foundation whilst donating their remaining wine bottles for their hospitality mentoring programme for disadvantaged youths.

A donation of such kind always allows charitable foundations to inherently invest their energies into funding. These also minimize their general expenses for the smoother functioning of programmes like hospitality mentoring that requires large investments.

China Wine Competition feels humbled for making their contribution towards the programme. This new relationship will only grow and expand and will prove fruitful not just for disadvantaged youth, but will ultimately make its contribution towards building careers for the economic and human resource welfare of the people of this East Asian giant.

IBWSS and China Wine Competition are projects both hosted by Beverage Trade Network, a venture creating new horizons in trade shows and competitions across the world.