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Introducing 2019’s Winery of the Year


Cantina Tollo From Italy Crowned 2019 Winery Of The Year

Acquiring the highest average score for its wines, Cantina Tollo (Italy) grabs the “Winery of the Year” award, along with 7 other medals at the 2019 China Wine Competition held in Shanghai on 4 November 2019.

In 1960, when the Abruzzo countryside had depopulated once again and many Italians had left the country in search of a better future in Cantina Tollo was found. The winemakers of the winery decided to stay in the vineyards, creating Cantina Tollo.

Cantina Tollo played an active role in the 60s and 70s in bringing the Abruzzo region to life and helping to bring about a radical change in the local wine-growing landscape.

While there was a fall in production around Teramo and L’Aquila, the areas occupied by vineyards in the Chieti province grew little by little, especially in Tollo, which became a real “City of Wine”.

Today, Cantina Tollo is one of the most important and established businesses in the Italian winemaking industry. It has also had an important part to play in the process of regulation, initiatives for the protection of regional wines and quality improvement programs for grapes and winemaking techniques.

With a presence in all countries of the European Union, in North America and in the Far East, Cantina Tollo exports 35% of its production, with particular attention to the emerging markets of Russia, India, and China.

Nowadays considered the best for ageing, facilities located in Tollo comprise of large Slavonian oak casks and barrels alongside vitrified cement tanks. Passion, commitment and shared values have guided Cantina Tollo at every turn in its history, and continue to accompany it in its successes.

Talking about successes of Cantina Tollo - the wines of Cantina Tollo bagged 7 medals at the 2019 China Wine Competition.

Here are Cantina Tollo’s 7 winning wines:

  1. Abruzzo Pecorino (2018) - Best Wine By Package | Best In Show By Country (Italy) | Double Gold

Abruzzo Pecorino (2018) is an emerging white wine which shows its deep roots from the first glass, and particularly suited to contemporary and experimental cuisine. Created from the combination of an ancient variety & established winemaking expertise, this fruity Pecorino has floral notes mixed with a sage aroma.

  1. MO. (2015) - Gold | Best in Show by Varietal

MO. (2015) is a reserve Montepulciano d’Abruzzo comes with intense fruit aromas, and notes of black cherry and forest fruits. It ages for Twenty-four months in oak casks and six months in the bottle which improves with time.

  1. Abruzzo Rosso (2015) - Gold

Abruzzo Rosso (2015) a red wine obtained exclusively from Montepulciano grapes, aged for twenty-four months in Slavonian oak casks & for twelve months in the bottle without filtering. It has distinctive aromas of red fruit, viola, and mint.

  1. Cagiolo (2014) - Gold

Tradition and innovation come together at the highest level to produce Cagiolo (2014) which evokes the verses “smooth/as a golden sword,/ soft/ as lascivious velvet”.

  1. Sassopiano (2015) - Silver

  2. Peco (2018) - Silver

  3. Hedos (2018) - Silver


To evaluate the entrants, the China Wine Competition invites a leading panel of top-level wine industry experts where wines are judged on the three parameters of Quality, Value, and Packaging.

The China Wine Competition, organized by the Beverage Trade Network, a leading platform that connects the alcohol beverage world - is the leading wine competition in China that looks to recognize, reward, and help promote beer brands that have successfully been created to identify and target a specific wine drinker.

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