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Positive Future For Chinese Wine Industry Ahead


President Xi predicts a positive future for the Chinese Wine Industry, and the statistics support his predictions.

Over the years, the wine industry in China has seen itself perform a great rise, both in terms of production and drinking. In fact, as we already know of, the Chinese drinking market is one of the largest across the globe, with reds shining through. For a long time, China has seen wines get imported, and drinkers have adored wines from regions across Europe, US, Australia, and other countries. However, over the past year, the production of wine in China has shot up greatly, not only in terms of quality and good wine but also with drinkers delving into wines of China. In fact, Chinese wines have now started their export into other countries, where drinkers from across the world are delving into the world of China’s wines.

Chinese President Xi also took a step into the winemaking world of China. He visited Yinchuan (in the region of Ningxia Hui), and took a trip to Helan Mountain foothills to learn about the local winemaking industry. According to The Drinks Business, the purpose of his tour was to put in work to disregard poverty.

Xi visited Chateau Zhihui Yuanshi, which is a  local winery that was founded in 2008. The winery is known to be one of the most popular tourist spots in the region of Ningxia Hui. After his successful visit, Ningxia Daily reported that Xi saw a positive future for the wine industry, helping in improving the standard of the living year by year. Looking at the winemaking process, the technology, marketing works, and average salary, President Xi definitely had a positive outlook on the wine industry in China.

Xi’s predictions are not only positive but are also quite spot on as over the years we’ve seen the Chinese wine industry build itself up. Not only are locals drinking more of China’s local wines, but big names such as Chateau Changyu Moser XV, Great Wall, Yunnan Red, and smaller names such as Helan Qingxue Vineyard are also going international.

Take a look at this: According to Statista, in 2018, China imported approximately 690 million liters of wine, down from around 750 million liters in the previous year. Also, in 2019, China imported approximately 2.9 billion Canadian dollars worth of wine, down from around 3.3 billion Canadian dollars in the previous year. Statista also stated that even though wine imports are decreasing, wine consumption in China is increasing, supporting the local wines in China. In fact, Statista also revealed that ” China is the leading grape producer in the world and the second major country with the largest vineyard area after Spain. Historically, grape wine has been known and consumed in China for hundreds of years”

Taking this into consideration, and President Xi’s prediction for the Chinese wine industry, we can confidently say that wines from China are definitely going to be shining through over the next few years. Not only is the Chinese wine market a great one to get into, but if you’re an importer/distributor, then having some great Chinese wines on your portfolio will definitely do wonders.