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Best Wines to Pair with Chinese Food


List of Chinese Food Pairings With Suitable Red & White Wines You Ought To Try

According to an ancient Chinese proverb - to the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven.

The Chinese have always appreciated their rich and colorful food culture. Diversified color, aromatic flavors, and excellent taste are the main features of Chinese food. It’s not only tasty but also a work of art for some people to cherish. What adds to the beauty of Chinese food is a perfect glass of wine that enhances the whole experience of having a meal. 

That drags out the ever-hovering question of - what wine to drink with Asian food, and Chinese food in particular. Let’s take a tour of which Chinese meal goes well with which wine. 

Little Handy Tip - A general rule which comes when you are choosing a wine to go with Chinese food is to stick to German/Alsatian varietals: Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Blanc - for whites. However, for the reds, look for bold flavors - New World Cabernet, Shiraz/Syrah and Malbec wines with lots of ripe fruit and restrained acidity.

Chinese Food Pairings With Suitable Wines

Sauvignon Blanc with Vegetable Lo Mein

This is usually a dish with strong soy sauce flavors, so we like a crisp & grassySauvignon Blancto slash right through them.

Sauvignon Blanc falls under one of the popular white wines. It is a refreshing dry wine with great minerality and aromas. Sauvignon Blanc tastes like herbs and grasses and has a crisp mouth. It is often referred to as grassy - because it has high levels of acidity and low amounts of sugar. 

Across the world - including France, Sauvignon Blanc is hardly ever aged in oak barrels. That is because the winemakers prefer to exhibit the bright and fruity flavors of the grape.

Malbec with Beef and Broccoli Paired

There are very few classics where a heavier wine works - Beef and Broccoli is one of them. That is why the smooth Malbec is a good pairing with this dish.

Born in France, Malbec is a crowd-pleaser - easy to drink, affordable, delicious, with tons of juicy fruit flavors. It was primarily used as a blending grape in France’s famous Bordeaux blend. 

Lambrusco with Sesame Chicken

Sesame Chicken can often get a bit sweet with soy undertones, so a delicious glass of Lambrusco goes well with it. Coming from Emilia Romagna in Italy, Lambrusco is a sparkling red wine that can be off-dry.

Lambrusco needs to be taken with food. On their own, no doubt they are delightful, fun, and fresh, but what you don’t know is that they don’t elicit the same experience as a stand-alone glass of Champagne. Sesame Chicken with Lambrusco is like a party in your mouth.  

Gamay with General Tso’s Chicken

General Tso’s chicken is spicy, but also a bit of sweetness. That is why Gamay pairs best with it because of its acidity.

Gamay has been around since the 1300s, yet many wine lovers are unaware of this delicious wine. Gamay tends to have characteristics that are similar to that of Pinot Noir. Light-bodied, fruity red with tart flavors of cherries, raspberries & even banana. Yes - Banana! It is the result of carbonic maceration.

Moscato paired with Sweet and Sour Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken is a fried and breaded dish that is always smothered in sweet red sauce. A mouth-watering glass of Moscato is a perfect pair with the Sweet and Sour Chicken. 

Moscato is a wine from Italy - sweet, low in alcohol and incredibly easy to drink. While Moscato is perfect for sipping alone, its flavors work really well when paired with spicy food. The sweetness of the wine and spiciness of a dish like Sweet and Sour Chicken does wonders in the mouth. 

Riesling with Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken’s taste depends upon where you are choosing to dine - t can be served mild, as well as extremely spicy. So it is better to go grab a Riesling, which will calm the hot mouth, that is if you encounter it.

Pinot Noir with Peking Duck

If you are in the mood to spend some extra bucks for a luxurious meal, this combination works best.  Pinot Noiris often one of the pricer wines. The rich berry flavors combined with Pinot’s acidity works like magic with the duck.

Pinot Noir grape prompts a kind of devotion and that is because it is really hard to grow - which is why a great bottle of Pinot Noir is rare to find. Pinot Noir can be really delicious and goes well with every occasion - a crowd-pleaser that anyone in the room will enjoy. 

Grenache Paired with Mongolian Beef

One of the reasons whyGrenachegoes well with Mongolian Beef is because though the sauce adds a layer of sweetness - the dish can often be too spicy. 

Grenache, or as the Spanish call it - Garnacha, is one of the widely planted red grapes in the world. Also known for its berry flavors of bright strawberries & raspberries, Grenache also has notes of white pepper. Grenache is like a fruit roll-up. 

Next time you are at a Chinese restaurant or ordering a takeaway - don’t forget to grab the perfect wine to pair with your meal.